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"For almost 4 years I’ve had a painful shoulder impingement that has limited my shoulder mobility. I reached out to Jessica De Lasaux, a former colleague, who has extensive yoga instructor training. She provided a 30 minute consult then customized a session for me that targeted my exact needs. I felt improvement within the first week. My shoulder has felt so great that I’m finally able to do lateral raises, reach in all directions, and start strengthening it using weights.  We’ve had 2 sessions in the past month via zoom. I set my laptop up so she can see my positioning. She coached me through the poses at a pace I was comfortable with. She asked for feedback afterwards and then customized my next session.  If you have any mobility challenges or discomfort somewhere (not just shoulder), I’d highly recommend reaching out to Jessica and schedule a consultation."


"It was one of the best yoga sessions I’ve ever had.  Jessica really does have a talent for this, and I’m grateful for it. I was very impressed with the first lesson we did together...and even more with the second. She adjusted a few things to make sure my multiple sclerosis pain wouldn’t be exasperated. She did so great at fully explaining every technique, and explaining different ways to make sure I didn’t over do it. Plus, her meditation at the end was one of the best I’ve ever had." -E. Mason

"I am enjoying how you integrate numerous aspects of Yoga into our practice. Because it comprises multiple dimensions beyond the Asanas and is meant to be part of one's path to nirvana or samadhi.  The poses you have given me are easy and pleasant to perform, something I really can't say about Iyengar Yoga. Even though they seem easy, they will have benefits - partly because I am not straining." - D. Craig

"I will continue using Yoga Therapy, because I feel better in my body, with my breathing, and in soothing my mind.  The yoga practice is very appropriate and is safe and easy for me to follow. The changes are quite effective." -L. Greenlee

"Wonderful class this morning with Jessica De Lasaux. She is such a versatile and creative yoga teacher, today introducing Ayurveda, Hindu mythology, and restorative poses to bring a beautiful sense of calm and relaxation. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, Jessica. Namaste." -J. Twomey

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