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Yoga Therapy Services


Preliminary Intake: 30-45 minute confidential consultation to assess your current state of being.  I use this information to design a yoga therapy program specifically for you, guided by a SOAP notes process.

1st Yoga Therapy Session: Receive a personalized yoga program tailored to meet your needs.  I will guide you through your yoga practice and will provide you with the methods for incorporating the routine into a personal home practice.

2nd Yoga Therapy Session and beyond: Follow up practice, receive input, and adjust as needed.

Yoga Therapy sessions are based upon inquiry and a relationship built over time.  To ensure a greater

rate of success there must be a willingness to practice the sequence we develop.  If you are seeking Yoga Therapy due to an injury or illness, you may receive immediate results, or it may take some time to discover and implement the desired effect.  The Yoga Therapy methods introduced will continue to evolve as we begin to unwind years of acquired habits and patterns.  I highly recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to gain the maximum benefit.


Experience a private yoga session in Downtown Napa!  

I encourage partners to book a session with the opportunity to learn how to provide yoga therapy techniques for one another, or for a small group of 3 max who would like to enjoy a class just for them.


Relax and unwind in restorative postures while listening to the sound of a singing bowl and/or mantra.   

Subtle body systems may be invoked upon request, such as the chakras, kosas, or prana vayus.

Additional Services

If you are interested in learning about something within the yoga tradition that you do not see listed, please inquire.  There are so many Yoga Therapy techniques available that it would be impossible to list them all.  If you do not see an appointment time available that works with your schedule, please contact me to find a time that works for you.

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