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Yoga Therapy

Is Yoga Therapy for me?

Yoga Therapy has the potential to resolve chronic pain, tension, fatigue, and stress, allowing you to navigate your life with more ease. 

Yoga Therapy offers a multitude of tools for reducing suffering due to the effects of isolation from social distancing, the nationwide rise in blood pressure, opiate addiction, mental health problems, and more.  Yoga Therapists are at the helm of scientific medical research and are in demand by institutions such as hospitals, schools, and corporate wellness programs.  By wielding Therapeutic Yoga methods, sessions are tailored for every individual, and are designed to build confidence and increased health.


After a private intake and assessment, I will create a Yoga Therapy program designed to meet your personal needs.  Unlike a group yoga class, private Yoga Therapy sessions are customized specifically for you, ensuring effective results.  I have been trained to work with numerous health conditions, but that is not a requirement!  I am also able to assist you with establishing or deepening your personal yoga practice, exploring the many benefits that yoga offers beyond the asana.  Therapeutic group yoga classes may target a specific area such as the neck & shoulders, hips, or low back pain.


Techniques include;

  • asana (body postures)

  • pranayama (breathing exercises)

  • meditation (mindfulness training)

  • mantra (sound healing)

  • ayurveda (dosha disposition & lifestyle)  


If you can relate to anything below and are ready for change, you are ready to begin your Yoga Therapy journey!

  • Your stress and your go-go-go mentality leads to chronic pain, digestive issues and/or autoimmune disorder symptoms

  • Holding deep tension, physically and/or mentally

  • Unable to relax 

  • Feel the need for more self-care and relaxation but don’t know how

  • Difficulty shutting off your mind at night and settling into deep, restorative sleep

  • Too tired to do anything other than going through the motions

  • Desire to create a lifestyle and self-care regime that aligns with who you are

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